Binho Classic: Green Turf


A New Era: The Binho Classic Green Turf is made with a unique real grass like turf that will add a twist to the traditional Binho gameplay! This limited edition release has all of the features of the Binho Classic. 

Each game comes with 2 Binho balls, 2 scoring pieces, and 2 yellow/red playing cards and a Binho Rule Card all within a Binho box.

New Features include:

  • Removable player parts. While red cards of Binho past may have let rule breakers and high-risk shooters off the hook relatively easy. On the Binho Classic: Green Turf, losing a player on a red card brings an entirely new element to the game. This feature also makes for a beautiful new sound when hit, an underrated aspect of the Binho experience.
  • New integrated net design. The new goals on your Binho board are a fully integrated part which will significantly reduce broken parts and provide a cleaner aesthetic.
  • Laser imbedded turf print. Gone are the days of minor plastisol print lines on the Binho pitch and aftereffects of using high temperature printing. Our new high-end proprietary printing mechanics will laser print directly into the turf itself allowing for a buttery smooth playability.  
  • Unlimited customization. With the Binho Classic: Green Turf becoming completely modular and the player pieces, barriers, goals, and complete turf design(surface, lines, logo) are in your hands. We will release different colors and the Binho Build-A-Board features in the near future.

See FAQ on return policy. There are no cancellations on the Binho Classic: Green Turf. 

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